Our responsible travel policy

Lake Skadar National Park is a fragile and endangered ecological treasure in a country which is developing faster than it can legislate to protect its natural assets (a cross-border project with Albania is currently underway to get the lake UNESCO status as a protected biosphere reserve).

We are proud to be the first tour operators in this area who are dedicated to encouraging eco-tourism - inviting small groups, no more than 14 at a time, to visit and enjoy activities which are low impact on the environment but high impact in experience.

Together with you, our clients, we can provide a boost to the local economy which encourages local people towards more sustainable forms of tourism such as hiking, kayaking, mountain-biking and gastronomy/slow food experiences. As such, we are also proud to be members of National Geographic's Western Balkans Geotourism project to promote sustainable tourism in this incredible region, as well as the EU's crossborder Lakeroutes project.

Our Commitment: We are committed to local conservation projects and have contributed actively as well as financially to local initiatives, most notably a CZIP (Montenegrin RSPB) project to help repair and maintain nesting rafts for the local, endangered Dalmatian Pelican colony. As the leading sustainable tour operator in the country, it is up to us to lead by example, protecting the National Parks from over-development and ensuring their beauty can be enjoyed by the next generation.

Every year we are also actively involved in clean-up operations both on the lake and in the National Park at large. We have campaigned for and obtained several large refuse containers for villages that had previously had no way to dispose of their garbage, and every spring we help to clear hiking trails so that remote villages can also benefit from the growing tourism industry.

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Our Travellers' Code of Conduct

Before you arrive
Do as much research as you can so you don't experience culture shock or cause unnecessary offence - eg, being drunk in public is frowned upon in Montenegro, as is going topless on a beach in a muslim area like Murici.
Learn a few words of the local language.
Try to leave excess packaging at home, especially anything plastic - waste collection facilities are scarce at Lake Skadar and you will struggle to find a bin.
Look at off-setting your flight's carbon emissions so you are carbon neutral. We recommend www.climatecare.org.
While you are here
Remember to dress appropriately when visiting monasteries and churches.
When buying souvenirs, try to buy locally made crafts and products such as honey and wine to ensure your money goes direct to the community.
Conserve your use of water and electricity - Villa Miela is "off-grid" for water and designed for low consumption of electricity.
Try and keep your use of plastic bags to a minimum - especially if the local shop offers you one for just one chocolate bar...
Pick up litter if you see it and take any rubbish home with you that can't be disposed of properly - including nasties like cigarette butts.
Remember to take drinking water out with you to avoid buying bottled water and contributing to one of the major blights of the 21st century. And never throw your plastic bottle anywhere other than a rubbish bin.
Never heed the call of nature less than 100 metres away from a watercourse.
Thanks for your support!